Amethyst Jewelry Set

Welcome back everyone! Tonight I want to tell you all about the amethyst jewelry set that I stumbled upon on Spreesy. It is a beautiful three piece set (earrings, bracelet, and a necklace), but each piece can also be purchased separately.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 8.09.09 PM.png

These beautiful agate stones are faceted and polished. The purple stones are about 12mm by 13mm.

The necklace comes with a silver lobster clasp as well as a 3 inch extension chain. The length of the necklace is 19.5 inches not including the 3 inch extension chain and it weighs about three oz.

The bracelet is a stretch bracelet and is meant for a small to medium hand and the weight is 1.5 oz.

The whole set is available for $36.89 and can be found here in my Spreesy shop.

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Pearl Drop Earrings

Hello everyone! Today I am here to tell you all about these beautiful pearl earrings. I am promoting them via my spreesy shop. I love these earrings and wanted to take the chance to share them with all of you. They are a gorgeous copper color and have beautiful freshwater pearls.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.03.08 PM

The pearls on the earrings are dark copper and measure in at 9-10mm. They are beautiful drop earrings that hang from copper ear wires and each one has a single antiquated copper diamond shaped drop piece.

This exquisite piece of jewelry is made in a smoke free environment and will ship out in one business day. These earrings are made from high quality materials and they are made to last.

They are available for $10 and there is only one pair available at the current time, so get them before they are gone. You can find them for sale in my spreesy shop here.

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Promoted Items

Hi all!

As I said in my last post I am going to be promoting the items of other sellers on Spreesy. I have seen some very beautiful pieces and would like to be able to share them with my own customers and community.

As of now I have two promoted items available in my spreesy shop. I will continue to update this post with photos and links to my promoted items. So please continue to check out this post to stay up to date.

The fist item is a pair of beautiful freshwater pearl earrings. They are available for $10 and can be found here.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.03.08 PM.png

The second piece of jewelry is a beautiful flowered necklace which can be found here. There are a couple of different pricing options depending on the piece that you choose, but the starting price is $28.50.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 3.02.37 PM.png


As I begin to promote more items I will continue to post them here. They can also be found on my Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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Welcome Back

Hi y’all! Sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything at all. I have been crazy busy with work and school and have almost no time for my jewelry. I have been working at getting my Spreesy shop as well as my Instagram further along. However, that has meant that I have not left any time for the blog.

I am going to try and be more diligent about posting more regularly. Thank you for your understanding.

I do have a few announcements that relate to my shop. First of all I have made some updates to my shop. There are more available options and more are coming soon. I am hoping that by the end of next week I will have all of my products available in my shop. However, with work and school that may not happen. Be sure to keep a lookout though. The link to my shop can be found here.

You can also follow me on Instagram @PurpleParadiseJewelryDesign which is here for more updates as well as discount codes.

I have also officially decided that I am going to use my spreesy shop to promote the items of other sellers. I will mostly promote jewelry, but I will probably have some variety. The first item I am going to promote is a pair of gorgeous pearl and copper earrings. They are made with dark freshwater pearls and they can be found here.

I want to finish off by telling everyone that I will make some custom items. If you see anything in my shop but want a different combination of beads and charms, wire color, etc., then please contact me so that we can work on putting a piece together for you.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day and I hope you return.


How My Beading Journey Began

I fell in love with beads at the ripe old age of six. For my sixth birthday my uncle gave me a gorgeous set of glass beads. They were all deep blues and whites. However, despite the fact that I have always had an interest in the craft of jewelry making it was not until recent years that I truly began developing my skill.

I love the way it feels to create a piece of jewelry. Connecting with my materials and turning them into something unique. Being the daughter of an artist I have always felt that I have a lot to live up to in respects to artistic creations, but making jewelry has allowed me to carve my own path in an artistic world. Now, I am constantly trying new things and always creating new pieces. I still enjoy learning how to make new pieces and developing new techniques.

Although my uncle opened my eyes to this passion I have had many other people nurture my creativity. My father being the artist that he is has always encouraged me to explore various forms of art and when I found what I liked he encouraged me to develop it further.

My grandma would always give me old pieces of costume jewelry that were falling apart so that I could take something old and turn it into something new. I have found a gift that I love and because of all the people in my life that have nurtured and encouraged it, I cherish it all the more.

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Charm Bracelets

Happy Thursday everyone! Thanks for returning!

I don’t know about all of you, but I absolutely love bracelets. You can find them in so many different colors, sizes, and shapes. What I love most about bracelets though is how fun they are to make.

My favorite kinds of bracelets are charm bracelets. I make bracelets with a single charm – either silver or bronze – because I like what the charm adds to the bracelet. I love the way the charms and the beads come together to create a stunning piece of jewelry. I find that bracelets can be the perfect statement piece for any outfit. They add a nice color and texture.

Two of my favorite pieces that I have created are my orange beaded bracelet with the clock charm and the bracelet with a piece of me is in heaven charm. I love the way orange and bronze together make an outfit pop. I also enjoy the simplistic, calming nature of silver charms with more tranquil colored beads.

You can find the orange bracelet here. And the blue bracelet can be found here.

Thank you for reading my blog! Please feel free to leave any feedback and let me know if you are interested in buying any of the pieces.





Beaded Pendants

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my very first post. I wanted to show you a few of my favorite necklaces. They are all brand new and handmade by me. My favorite two pieces are the celtic knot and the owl.

Each necklace is made with silver chain, a single charm, and one bead. Some of the charms are stainless steel and others are plated metals. But they are all nickel free.

These necklaces are not too expensive so they are a great way to treat yourself, but they also serve as a great gift for someone else. The silver charm gives them a classic look that allows for them to be worn with various outfits.

**The necklaces are around 18 or 19 inches each, but they are all a little different. The photos do not show an accurate depiction of the length because they are held back on the bust in order to capture the picture.**

Thank you all for reading! Please feel free to leave any feedback and let me know if you are interested in buying any of the pieces.