How My Beading Journey Began

I fell in love with beads at the ripe old age of six. For my sixth birthday my uncle gave me a gorgeous set of glass beads. They were all deep blues and whites. However, despite the fact that I have always had an interest in the craft of jewelry making it was not until recent years that I truly began developing my skill.

I love the way it feels to create a piece of jewelry. Connecting with my materials and turning them into something unique. Being the daughter of an artist I have always felt that I have a lot to live up to in respects to artistic creations, but making jewelry has allowed me to carve my own path in an artistic world. Now, I am constantly trying new things and always creating new pieces. I still enjoy learning how to make new pieces and developing new techniques.

Although my uncle opened my eyes to this passion I have had many other people nurture my creativity. My father being the artist that he is has always encouraged me to explore various forms of art and when I found what I liked he encouraged me to develop it further.

My grandma would always give me old pieces of costume jewelry that were falling apart so that I could take something old and turn it into something new. I have found a gift that I love and because of all the people in my life that have nurtured and encouraged it, I cherish it all the more.

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